4M Aluminium Duo Ladder Telescopic Herringbone Multi-Purpose DIY Non-Slip


DUO DESIGN: Can be used in a Herringbone style or fully extended out, allowing you to perform more tasks than with a traditional-style ladder. Both sides can be adjusted to different heights to adapt to special occasions such as stairs.ALUMINIUM FRAME: Naturally strong and durable for use, lightweight when carrying. Odourless and resistant to corrosion.EIGHT STEPS: Large in size to give feet plenty of platform resting and stepping space. Anti-slip for extra safety whilst moving up and down.DIMENSIONS: Herringbone: 114.5-195H x 131.5L x 50Wcm. Fully extended: 11H x 232-401L x 50Wcm.MAXIMUM LOAD 150KG. EN131 SAFETY CERTIFIED.

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