Can Crusher – Wall Mounted


Do you care about the environment, but none in your house is willing to recycle? Do beer cans take much space in your regular or recycling bin? Get our large beer can crusher, and even the youngest ones will want to use it—a fun and satisfying method yet safe to start into the recycling world. The cans will be squeezed at one-third of their size to maximize the space in your bin. Perfect if you only have a small litter bin. Easy to install, you only have to screw it on a wall or table, but make sure it is properly held. Quick and safe to use, the can will be crashed smoothly. Thanks to its ergonomic grip, you can use it with only one hand. As well as being able to crash cans, this handy tool comes with a bottle opener on its base. If you’ve always wanted to recycle but the cans are taking up too much room in your recycling bin, try crushing them. With this beer can crusher you will be able to save up space while recycling and start helping the environment. It will be quite enjoyable for both adults and children as it a superb idea to get the whole family involved in the recycling process. It is simple to use and set up with a screwdriver, the gadget may be fastened to any wall or flat surface.

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