Cherry ‘Little Stella’ Patio 4.5L Pot


Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own fruit, and �Little Stella� is simply the best for small spaces and a perfect dwarf version of the incredibly popular �Stella� cherry, which is quite possibly the most popular sweet cherry. �Little Stella� welcomes spring with a spectacular display of cherry blossom which completely covers the tree from early March, bringing a welcome supply of early nectar for insects. Then things get really exciting as the fruit begins to appear, forming a huge amount of deep red, plump cherries that will be ready to pick in July and August. The fruits are gorgeous, extra-large, glossy skinned, aromatic and super sweet to eat. They�re irresistible picked straight from the tree and you�ll find that birds love them too, so you may want to protect the fruits as they ripen to stop them getting stolen! �Little Stella� is self-fertile, so you only need one, and its compact form makes it ideal for growing on your patio. Growing to little more than a metre, it is a wonderful specimen tree to grow in a large pot but happy growing in the ground too. Choose a sunny location for the best blossom and fruit and this wonderful little tree will look fabulous from the first buds of spring blossom until the last fruit in autumn. Supplied as an established tree, 80-90 cm (2�-3 ft) tall grown on a dwarfing rootstock in a 4.5 L pot, growing to a height of 1.2 m (4 ft) and spread of 80 cm (2� ft).

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