Daphne ‘Pink Fragrance’ 2L Pot


What could be better than the sweet, heady fragrance of; a daphne in the garden!;Recently introduced to UK gardens, this daphne is a superb alternative to the popular ‘Eternal Fragrance’ and will provide you with flowers for months on end;� often right up to autumn. ‘Pink Fragrance’s’ perfumed blooms are produced in abundance from April until October every year and being a compact and slow-growing variety’ it’s perfect for smaller gardens or for growing in a container on your decking or patio. One of the remarkable things about this beautiful semi-evergreen is that rather unusually for a daphne, it produces flowers on new growth, meaning the lovely pink blooms just keep on coming right through the summer. Grow it in a pot and place on the patio or near a garden path so you can fully enjoy the delightful scent. Height and spread 90 cm (3ft). Supplied approx. 20 cm tall in a 9cm pot.

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