ESSENTIALS by Prochef 12 Cup Bun Sheet Non Stick 28x21x1.2cm


This 12 cup bun baking tray is ideal for baking delicious muffins and cupcakes for your family and friends. The baking tray can be used to bake any number of yummy cakes and muffins, featuring 12 cup moulds to make a batch of cakes. Made from carbon steel the baking tray is light and simple to use, ideal for even heating and golden brown baking results. � Great for baking a number of muffins & cupcakes � Made from carbon steel � Food safe materials � Great for even baking � Helps you get golden brown baking results � Lightweight & versatile Dimensions: Length: 28cm Width: 21cm Height: 2cm Contents: 1x 12 Muffin Cupcake Baking Tray

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