Ficus Benjamanica Exotica – Weeping Fig 90cm Tall in 21cm Pot


This ornamental fig, with its distinctive, glossy leavesmakes a striking houseplant.The exotic Ornamental Fig, Ficus Benjamina is a houseplant that’s currently bang on trend and on everyone’s wish list, and adds a distinctive, tropical feel to your home.The glossy, rich green leaves are held on top of the stems, and over time, the slender branches will begin to weep, softening the plant and making a definite talking point. Not just a pretty face, Ficus is well known for helping keep the air in your home clean as it filters out pollutants keeping it fresh and clean – according to NASA, weeping figs fight formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, found in furniture, fireplace smoke, and common household products. Very easy to care for, once you have found the perfect place for your ficus, you can more or less leave it alone and let it do its ‘thing’ as long as it’s kept out of draughts. Please note that the decorative pot is not included.This ornamental fig, with its distinctive, glossy leavesmakes a striking houseplant.Easy to care for, it’s at its happiest when left alone.Luxurious, glossy-green leaves gently weep as it grows.A must-have plant for adding exotic interest to your home – and great for Instagram sharing!Supplied as an established plant in a 21cm pot.

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