Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ 20/25cm Pot


With a unique blooming habit, ‘Runaway Bride’ produces snow-white flowers along the length of its branches which can take on an attractive pink tint as they age. This is a real breakthrough for hydrangeas which normally flower at the tips of shoots only. The profusion of white lace-cap blooms gives this hydrangea its common name of the ‘garland hydrangea’ and the flowerheads themselves create a light, airy feel – making them ideal as a centrepiece in pots and even hanging baskets – there seems to be no end to its talents! Also, and an absolute bonus in our opinion, the flower colour does not change with the pH in your soil – they’re always white! This hydrangea is sure to become an exceptional garden favourite, so get yours now and become one of the first to grow it. Bang on trend as cut flowers or winter displays, hydrangeas are known the world over for their heads of gorgeous flowers, they’re easy to grow and a breeze to maintain, no wonder they’re one of the UK’s most popular flowers! Eye-catching in pots and planters on the patio or decking, the flowers dry on the plants and retain their appeal for a very long time, often until the middle of winter and you can even use the flowers in dried flower arrangements.

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