Instant Cooling Towel Pink


This Instant cooling towel is the best sports towel to use in the gym or at sporting activities, the towel is made from a PVA material that absorbs water and remains cold for up to 2 hours. Simply wet the towel to activate the refreshing cooling aid that is significantly cooler than the ambient air, featuring copper infused fibres that provide natural odour reduction and reduces the effect of heat stress and fatigue. The instant cooling towel is machine washable and is available in 3 different colours; green, blue and pink. Instant cooling towel Made from PVA material Copper infused fibres provide odour reduction Absorbs water and stays cold for 2 hours Simply wet the towel to reactivate Reduces the effect of heat stress and fatigue Machine washable Available in 3 colours (Green/Blue/Pink) Measurements Height: 43cm Length: 66cm Package Content 1 x Instant Cooling Towel

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