Lawn Aerator Spike Nail Shoes Adjustable Sturdy Straps Greener & Healthier Garden


Lawn Aerator Spike Nail Shoes Sandals Boots with Adjustable Sturdy Nylon Straps Universal Size Fits All Lawn Scarifier Greener & Healthier Garden or YardEFFECTIVE LAWN AERATOR: Our lawn aerator shoes nails are designed with 13 heavy duty metal 30 mm spikes on each shoe, the lawn shoes are easy and fast to poke into the deep soil, helping grass absorb water, nutrients and air from the deep roots to make your lawn more green and healthier. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Our Heavy Duty spiked sandals shoes has 2 adjustable straps per shoe, simply adjust the length of straps through the buckles to have a good secure fit, whether your feet are big or small, these shoes will fit like a glove.ASSEMBLY: The installation of the spikes is simple just slot the spikes through the shoe and then tighten the bolts with a spanner (provided).DESIGN: The ergonomic design ensures that the shoes stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil for effective aeration.

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