Metal Sock Hanger Laundry Dryer


SQUARE METAL SOCK HANGER: The multifunctional sock dryer is made of stainless material, not easily rusted by sun or rain exposition. It has a strong capacity for full-loaded laundry. Suitable to dry underwear, socks, gloves, baby clothes or any small garment. The sturdy frame won’t be deformed for the wet clothes. In areas with high humidity, it is recommended indoor use.SPACE-SAVING DRYER: Straame metal hanger is ideal for keeping all your underwear and socks together with no fear of losing while airdrying. Convenient and windproof, each rack can hold plenty of items. It is an excellent accessory for your usual cloth airer. It allows you to do a more significant laundry load, keeping all your small clothing items dry together.360° ROTATION: This metal sock hanger features a unique hanging hook with a secure clasp to stop the metal hanger from falling off the washing line or blowing off if hanging outside with a strong wind. The convenient 360 rotation allows you to quickly reach the peg you wish to use without being blocked by other clothing items.PRACTICAL AND VERSATILE: Its handy size is perfect to use as a complement inside your cloth airer, but it is also suitable to hang on the shower, garment rack, balcony etc. Its application can be so diverse that it can organise and hang small items in your wardrobe. Its lightweight and portable design is suitable for camping and travelling.36 PEGS: The 36 metal stainproof pegs are easy to grip and open. Extremely heavy-duty and with an extreme biting force without damaging the fabric of your clothes or deformation your item, the 36 pegs can hold many small-sized laundry items in a compact space.Save space and time with Straame metal sock hanger. Made of stainless steel material with high strength against corrosion rust, our sock hanger can make your laundry day more effortless than ever. Hung up your small delicate items and let them air dry anywhere in your house. Featuring a windproof hook with a particular lock and 360° rotation, you will be able to hang it outside, and it will never slide off in the wind. The sturdy frame won’t be deformed for the wet clothes. In areas with high humidity, it is recommended indoor use.The high stretch 36 clips will catch your laundry tightly without damaging the fabric. The pegs are separated enough for your clothes to dry evenly with easy access to all the garments, thanks to the 360-degree rotation.An essential and versatile household item for saving floor space on laundry day. Its lightweight design allows you to carry it for camping and travelling.Suitable from socks and underwear to baby clothes, small towels, scarfs, shoelaces, and any other small-sized clothing items.

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