Pair of Large Citrus Trees in 6.5L Pots with Citrus Feed


Growing citrus trees is incredibly satisfying and much easier than you�d expect. Although they�re sun lovers that most associate with Mediterranean climates, they�re surprisingly adaptable and simple to grow. Lemons and oranges growing amongst lush green leaves are a beautiful sight, as are the stunning, pure white flowers that precede them. Their scent is incredible, and it�ll fill your patio from late spring and throughout summer, although it�s not unusual for them to flower all year round. As the fruits start to form, flowering will continue, so there will often be fruit and flowers on the trees at the same time, with the main fruiting time beginning in July. They�re self-fertile too, so you�re guaranteed to get fruit! Featuring lemon �Eureka� and orange �Navelina�, which is seedless, these citrus trees are hardy to -5�C, so they�ll be happy in all but the coldest of winters. However, to ensure you’ll be picking delicious fruit year after year, we advise you grow your citrus trees in pots, in a sunny sheltered position with well-drained compost. and protect them from severe frost during the winter by either bringing indoors into a cool conservatory or greenhouse, or by covering with fleece. If you bring them into a centrally heated home, they may lose leaves, but they�ll grow back the following spring. Feed them with the Complete Year Round Citrus Soluble Fertiliser that�s included, and only water when the compost is dry, drenching the plant until water flows out of the bottom of the pot. Supplied as a pair of established trees, 1 m (3 ft) tall in a 6.5 L pots, growing to a height of 2 m (6� ft) and spread of 1 m (3 ft), with a 150 g pack of fertiliser.

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