PawHut Hamster Cage with Tubes, Gerbilarium Cage w/ Detachable Bottom, Ramps


Four tiers: A spacious dwarf hamster cage with ramps, platforms and an exercise wheel, keeping pets active. There is also a litter area and a food bowl, making sure pets have everything they need when inside this gerbil cage.Food and water station: Whenever hungry or thirsty, they have food bowls and water bottles to keep them satisfied.Comfortable features: The steel wires keep pets safely inside the cage, whilst ensuring their space has air passing through for ventilation.Easy access: Three doors for getting in and out, whilst the detachable bottom makes cleaning simple.Dimensions: 76H x 47L x 29.5Wcm. Suitable for small animals, such as hamsters and gerbils. Assembly required. NOTE: Please check if pets can be mixed before buying.

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