Pot and Stylish Tower Frame


Just the thing for bringing a little height to your patio, balcony or anywhere else in your garden, this striking and great looking planter combines a large pot with a stylish tower frame finished in brushed gold that looks superb, even without plants!Ideal for shorter climbers such as sweet peas, morning glory, trailing petunias, Boulevard clematis, French beans or even a fabulous tower of tomatoes, the tower frame will give them all the support they need and look impressive too. The large, 37 cm (15 in) diameter pot has plenty of space for your plants and the tower is in three sections that are easy and quick to assemble.These planters make a real statement, especially in pairs either side of a door or gate and will look spectacular dripping with summer flowers, fruit or vegetables. With a total height of 1.3 m (4 ft), this is by far the most attractive way to grow a whole range of wonderful climbing plants.

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