Radiator Airer With 5 Adjustable Arms For Drying Clothes Max Temp 70c


STURDY – By simply hooking these racks onto a radiator, they will firmly stay in position due to their strong iron arms keeping your clothes secure whilst they are drying.LAUNDRY MADE EASY – Easily attach either one or both of these racks over your radiator, using the adjustable arms, then you’re good to go to start drying your clothes! No messing around, straight and simple.DRY MORE CLOTHES – Dry more clothes at once as there are five rails on the drying rack to hang your laundry from. Be more efficient and get all of your family’s clothes drying quicker with not one but 2 radiator clothes racks.SIZE – 50.5cm x 34cm x 3cmUse in any room with Radiator. Lightweight strong design.Practicality and Accessibility.Very easy to unpack and use with any radiator in any roomOur Customers Love This.Good quality materials ensure good quality standards and long life.Store Away Easily.When not in use, The airer uses no space at all and folds flat to the height of a deck of cards.Perfect for Cold Winter DaysIts okay to be lazy and stay in bed whilst your favourite top dries up. You can also try up to two full towels spread over the hanging area.Hanging Out.The product is designed to take full advantage of many other surfaces and hooking stations. You can also hang this in your balcony glass and or thin door tops.

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