Set of 25 Mixed Oriental Lily Bulbs


Everyone loves fresh lilies in the house, and now you can grow vasefuls of your own too. Oriental lilies have large, upward facing flowers in a pastel blend of white, pink and blush shades, as well as the ever-popular and instantly recognisable two-tone Stargazer, with its reddish centre. Grow them in terracotta pots, for wonderful summer displays, cut them for the house or leave them to brighten the patio. These are Double Nosed, and thus each bulb will produce 2 stems! Flowering in summer at between 60 and 90cm tall, the flowers will last 3 weeks from bud break. Leave them to die back in winter, and they will flourish for many more years. Supplied as a pack of 25 mixed coloured bulbs. Size 14/16. Plant 10cm deep and 15cm apart.

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