Set of 5 Mixed Dahlia Cactus Tubers


While you may have a perception of dahlias as being old-fashioned, and something that your grandparents grew when you were younger, they have actually been enjoying a renaissance over the last few years, mainly because they provide such stunning colour and value for money in the late summer and autumn. So easy to grow, Dahlias are supplied as tubers, packed full of energy to burst into growth in spring. Plant in pots or in the garden and they will get away quickly from May, producing a mass of bright colours which will fill your garden as summer turns to autumn. This collection of cactus dahlias will give you large, double blooms with narrow, spiky petals and each pack provides five mixed colour tubers, each will reach around a metre tall, and produce plenty of flowers. These can be cut for the house, or left to enjoy outdoors. Dead-heading will prolong flowering well into autumn. Plants will survive milder winters, but recommend lifting the tubers and storing somewhere dry and frost-free over winter, or left in pots if that’s how you choose to grow them. These blousy Dahlias make a great addition to any autumn garden and their blooms will bring colour as everything else starts to fade. Supplied as a pack of 5 large tubers in a mix of colours.

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