Walk In Greenhouse Cover Replacement Plant Growhouse PE Cover 3.5x3x2m Green


REPLACEMENT COVER: An easy way to prolong your 3 room tunnel greenhouse frame when your old greenhouse covering becomes damaged. Ensures you can grow plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs all year round.THICK PE PLASTIC: An effective and durable shield, UV-protective coating. Maintains humidity levels, allows nourishing sunlight to pass through.ROLL UP DOOR AND WINDOWS: Zipped door to walk in and out easily, rolls up to keep in place. Windows on each side for fresh air inside easily, with fasteners.15CM EXTENDED EDGES: Bury in the soil to tighten the cover, making it extra stable.DIMENSIONS: 2H x 4.47L x 3Wm. Door: 1.7H x 1.75Wm. Window: 46L x 36Wm. Keep away from pesticides and acidic chemicals. Applicable Outsunny Greenhouse: B081TSZD1F (845-068).

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