Weed Control Fabric 2m x 50m


Made with Heavy Duty first-rate material that is anti-toxin, durable, and corrosion resilient. Perfectly design for preventing the unnecessary weed seeds from growing without chemicals, maintains the fertility of the soil, and enhances productivity without affecting our garden’s ecosystem. Our Weed control fabric helps in preventing weed growth in heavy foot traffic areas. The stretchy design is the best alternative to the plastic and contains tiny holes that allow the application of water from the top of the 100gsm fabric and prevents soil from moisture. The liquid will easily infiltrate down into the soil and develop the roots without having any impact on the fabric Garden Membrane is fully capable of resisting the sun exposure and helps in reducing soil erosion and flourish your plants. Our Weed barrier is very convenient to cut, can be used for multipurpose like outside garden projects, beneficial in soil stabilizing and landscaping, Weed control fabric is great for under decking and gardening of flowers.

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