Wishing Well Planter Bucket, 60Lx55Wx 114H cm-Brown


Description: This lovely water well planter will add an elegant and stylish look to your lawn or garden. Features burnt-like wood finish for a rustic appearance, this well is constructed with fir wood that will keep the planter durable and long-lasting. Place various plants in the wishing well with large area and open base. The mini bucket is designed to place smaller plants and flowers at once. The attractive built features a top hut, a spacious well, which adds a fairytale accent to your garden or front yard.Features: � Burnt-like wood finish gives a rustic and stylish appearance to the planter; � Constructed of fid wood that keeps this planter durable and long-lasting; � The 55cm diameter well will allow it to hold multiple plants at once while the bucket holds smaller planters; � Includes a string allows you to hang the bucket as low or as high for your preference; � Add a fairytale accent to your garden or front yard;

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