WonderWall Vertical Growing System – 4 Sections


Vertical Gardening is bang on trend at the moment. We have spent several years seeking a great system for gardeners, but most on the market have problems – too heavy, not great for growing in, or very over-engineered. So we were blown away when we came across WonderWall – it solved all these problems and more. So easy to use, and great for growing plants and only limited by your imagination. Perfect for covering walls, sheds or fences, stacking sections to quickly build up and cover a large area. Watch how easy it is to use on our video. Each section has a drainage hole, which allows excess water to drain to the tier below, yet keeps enough water in a reservoir of it’s own. You can use WonderWall in 2 great ways: 1. Plant directly into each tier – choose bedding, bulbs, or trailing flowers, or make a productive space for strawberries, herbs & tumbling tomatoes. Simply fill with compost, and change the plants with the seasons. 2. Drop plants in as you like for 100% effective and immediate results – no waiting for them to grow. Uniquely WonderWall has been designed to accommodate industry standard 13cm (5.5in) 1 litre round pots – 3 pots per section. So grow upwards in your garden and let your imagination run wild!

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