Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse Garden Polycarbonate Grow House, Natural Outsunny


90X52CM SIZE: Small greenhouse will extend the growing season all year round, protect young plants, crops, vegetables and flowers from cold and frost. Adds a touch of green to your garden, patio, and balcony.STEPLESS OPENING TOP: Allows fresh air inside to regulate the temperature easily, the largest angle is 80. Sloping design prevents rainwater and other liquids from building up and from entering inside.POLYCARBONATE PANELS: Transparent finish allows lots of sunlight through for growth while helping to keep heat inside as much as possible.WOODEN FRAME: A solid core structure of the mini greenhouse which keeps in shape, with a coat of paint for protection, suitable for outdoor useDIMENSIONS: 49.5H x 90L x 52Wcm. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

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