Wooden Dog Crate Furniture W/ Drawer Bowl Storage Cushion for Small Dogs Natural


Multifunctional: Featuring a side table design with a divider, this wooden dog crate furniture offers storage underneath for fitting more in a compact of space. The top allows you to place anything from drinks to TV remotes on the flat surface while the lower storage offers a place for items you want to stow away. And the drawer with the bowl is a neat addition.Plush Cushion: A cushioned bottom makes this crate for dogs cosy. Offering restful nights, the foam provides support and superior comfort for your lovely pet to relax and lounge. The pillow is covered in removable and machine washable fabric for easy cleanliness.Doors: A large entryway with doors makes it easy for your fur baby to enter and exit. The latch keeps your pet securely contained in this indoor dog kennel if you need to leave the house.Sturdy Frame: Made of pinewood, strong enough for everyday use. This wooden dog crate features single railings instead of cross-hatching to make it easy to see out and view the world.Product Information: Overall dimensions: 95.5L x 58W x 70H cm. Interior: 62L x 52W x 61H cm. Bowl Capacity: 400 ml. Suitable for small dogs less than 35 cm in length and under 10 kg in weight. Assembly required.

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