Yucca 3 stem 60/30/20 21cm 100cm


A great way to bring the outside in, these bold, striking houseplants are bang on trend and make a real feature in your home with their long green leaves sprouting from a sturdy double trunk. One of the few houseplants that thrive in full sun and partial shade, the Yucca is an ideal plant for a bright room or the conservatory – and a great plant for a Mediterranean feel on the patio during the summer. Grown for its foliage and shape, it really does resemble a tree and makes an instant and dramatic impact when given pride of place in a room, guaranteed not to disappoint! One of the easiest houseplants to grow and care for, the Yucca is an exceptionally robust houseplant requiring very little water – perfect if you don�t have much time or usually forget about them! You will receive a plant with a triple trunk, 60cm, 30cm and 20cm, in leaf, and around 100cm tall from the base of the pot grown in a 21cm pot. Please note that the decorative pot is not included.

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